Bulk Buy Back

For large customers we keep it simple.. We will arrange courier to pick up from your offices, when you are ready. Let us know or Attached is a free post label, Simply box the devices (making sure they are safely secured) and drop off at any Aust Post outlet. Label can be used on multiple boxes/ satchels. We will: 1. identify model, 2. Condition and 3. Value. We Test to 3 simple levels. 1. WORKING - Turn On Good Screen | Good Bottom Connector, and makes and receives calls. 2. PARTLY WORKING - turns on but screen is cracked or broken screen | or Software does not Load . 3. NO POWER - Does not turn on, with or without broken screen. Accessories are optional and does not affect buyback price, Unlike others, We do not downgrade for small problems (cracking speakers, microphones or vibrators.) We will supply Certificate of Data Destruction Certificate. (If required) All Devices received by CashAphone and are Data erased to DoD 5220.22 non reversible standards. We will supply list of all serial numbers and condition report, for your records. We provide 3 methods of payment – Bank Transfer, or PayPal. Please advise your choice of payment method, and provide the details by email. Once devices are received our systems will auto email you with your detailed order. and payment is made within 48hrs after received and tested.

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