As part of the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1989, you are required to supply and produce evidence of identity.

We only require photocopy. Please do not send the original.

Where the identification used contains a photograph, only one piece of identification is required.

The current allowable categories of identification bearing a photograph are:

  • 1. Driver's licence

  • 2. Passport

  • 3. Identification cards issued by a Tertiary Education institution

The current allowable categories of identification without a photograph are:

If the identification used does not include a photograph, two forms of identification are required, from the following list: 

  • a full birth certificate or extract 
  • a certificate of Australian citizenship 
  • a marriage certificate 
  • one only of the following health or pensioner cards issued by or on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, or the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing: 
    • health care card 
    • pensioner concession card 
    • Commonwealth seniors health card
  • one only of any other card issued by the above Commonwealth Departments and which certifies entitlement to Commonwealth health concessions 
  • an identification card issued by a tertiary education institution.